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If you’re looking for some of the best value smokers on the market then you have come to the right place. We have done some in-depth research on a variety of models that will be ideal for your budget, outdoor cooking needs. So here are the best smokers under 300 on the market.


Where to buy a Smoker for under $300

There are plenty of online stores that sell smokers and other backyard cooking gear but we recommend using a retailer that has a good track record, competitive pricing and free shipping options and the obvious choice would be Amazon.

All the smokers that we review and list in this article are available to buy from and there are links to each model, where you can read more reviews and check the most up to date prices today.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker [Our Top Pick]

weber best smoker under 300We are going to start off by taking a look at our top rated smoker for less than three hundred dollars. Weber’s Smokey Mountain Smoker is available in three sizes; 14, 18 and 22 inches.  We are going to disregard the 22-inch model here as it is over the $300 budget.

The Smokey Mountain 18 inch charcoal smoker is the most expensive that we review here. but at current pricing, it should just stay within your $300 budget. The 14 inch is obviously a lot cheaper but it will limit the amount of food you can smoke.

The 18 inch should easily provide enough tasty smoked food for 4-6 people. Users talk about cooking 6-7 chickens or 6 spare ribs with no rack or 6 small butts at a time. Another reviewer managed to cook a smoked a 20lb turkey and an 8lb brisket at the same time.

In this article, we are just going to briefly cover the main features and pros and cons of the Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5 Smoker.

If you want to read our detailed, in-depth review then click on the link below;

 Full and Detailed Review of the Weber Smokey Mountain Here

In that article, we will discuss all three models and what you can expect from them.

Smokey Mountain Smoker Features & Quick Overview

If you have even the slightest of knowledge about outdoor cooking then you are sure to have heard the name Weber and this is one of their top rated products. The ‘Smokey Mountain’ is often used and wins awards in big time BBQ competitions.

A charcoal smoker will give you that genuine smokehouse taste to your food and eating out at restaurants will be a thing of the past once you start experimenting with the WSM.

Features include a built-in thermometer and a water pan which means you get incredibly moist meat that is cooked to perfection.

Weber’s customer service is second to none and the smoker comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

The reality of a perfect smoker is that it just isn’t going to happen, we’ve looked at dozens of different models and all have their issues or quirks. So saying that, let us take a look at the good and bad…


☑ Easy to Assemble

☑ Easy to Clean

☑ Portable

☑ Great for single family cook outs

☑ Easier to control temperatures than most other charcoal smokers




🙁 Limited amount of accessories and attachments

🙁 Can’t cook large slabs of meat such as a full brisket

🙁 The Door doesn’t seal 100% [Read more about this in our Full Review]

Weber Smokey Mountain Video

The Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker has been nominated as our top pick for smokers under $300 for its exceptional features, ease of use and of course for providing great results for a family cook out.

At this point, we would suggest if you have time to check out some of our other recommendations. Everyone has different expectations and ideas of what they want from a smoker and you might find one that better matches your criteria.

If you are pretty much set on the Smokey Mountain you can read our detailed review  HERE or head over to Amazon for the current price more information and more user reviews.

So let’s take a look at our 2nd pick

Char-Griller 06620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill Smoker 

red egg shaped kamado charcoal grill

Kamado grills and smokers are becoming all the rage recently not only for their great cooking abilities but their aesthetic appeal. Check out this Wiki Link if you want to know more about Kamado cooking.

This egg shaped red smoker and grill just fits our  budget, for some reason, the brown and black versions of this smoker are more expensive.

If you want to read our detailed full review of the Char Grill smoker and grill Click on this link Here

We also have a very in-depth article on choosing a Smoker Grill Combo in this article…  Smoker Grill Combo Article

So let’s look at the good and bad of this particular model and check out some if its main features.

Char-Griller 06620 Kamado Grill Smoker Features

If you are looking for a versatile cooking station for your outdoor cook outs and barbeques this will pretty much do it all. If you want mouthwatering Pizzas, perfect steaks or delicious Smoked chicken no problem with this smoker and grill combo.

Many users commented that if they had the money they would splash out for a ceramic Kamado such as the Big Green Egg but you are talking a thousand bucks for one of these.  This is the closest you are going to get to one of those and at a substantial drop in price.


☑ Cheaper than other Kamado Grill/Smokers

☑ Clear & Easy Assembly Instructions

☑ Well Insulated

☑ Portable and Easy to Move

☑ Temperature is easy to control

☑ Perfect for family Barbeques and cookouts


🙁 The Grate has issues with rust

🙁 Some Customers reported the item was damaged on delivery


akorn grillIf you want more versatility from you cooking a grill smoker combo might be a good choice. The Char-Griller 06620 Kamado Grill Smoker gives you that option.

It also will look really great in any backyard set up, it’s got that cool Japanese ‘Kamado’ vibe and it’s a really nice shade of red. It also comes in brown or black if you find the red a little too bright! Whatever color you pick it will without a doubt be a talking point for guests, who will all be asking you where you got it.

Masterbuilt  30 Inch Black Smoker [No Frills Budget Electric Smoker]

best smokers under 300 available nowWith nearly 2,000 five star ratings from Amazon Customers and hundreds of other positive reviews from other retailers this smoker certainly get a lot of overwhelming social proof.

We are going to look at why this electric smoker is so well received but also find out what the not so happy users are saying as well.

If you go to Amazon you will see various options to choose from. You can buy the straight forward black smoker with no window or for a little more you can the viewing window version or buy it with grilling tools, thermometer or smoking chips.

Masterbuilt smokers are really great for those who are beginners to smoking food or want more of a set and forget experience. We love the ease of use and the way you can increase and decrease the smokiness of your cooking. We also love that you can add different liquids to the water pan to add an additional level of flavor to your food.


☑ Easy to use

☑ Set and forget Controls

☑ Easy to clean

☑ Cheaper than most other smokers of this quality


🙁 Can’t smoke a full rack of ribs due to the limited size

🙁 The smoker with window option smokes up so not much use

🙁 The Cover is sold separately

The ease of use and set and forget functions make this a perfect entry model for the food smoking novice or the ‘lazy’ backyard cook who wants to sit and relax with his friends or family while producing tasty smoked treats for them.

And at less than $200 this means you come in well under budget on this smoker. Make sure you check the Latest price at Amazon.

Masterbuilt 30 Inch Top Controller Smoker Video

Old Smokey Electric Smoker


Old Smokey Electric Smoker

For great tasting smoked food you don’t need to spend a fortune and the Old Smokey proves this point. It’s pretty basic which makes it easy to use and less to go wrong and it compares well to the other budget electric smokers we have reviewed here.

It’s easy to set up out of the box and simple for the newbie to use, and set and forget for the more experienced backyard chef. A thermometer, timer and a drill for making a few holes is all that you need to turn this into a 5-star electric smoker.


☑ Simple to use

☑ Smokes food fast

☑ Easy to set up and to clean


🙁 No Thermometer

🙁 Doesn’t work that well for slow cooking

🙁 Attracts condensation

Many users talk about using Old Smokey products for decades so they have a great track record. The two main complaints were the lack of the thermometer and the problems with condensation. Both these are easily rectified by buying a quality thermometer and drilling a few holes in the lid of the smoker.

Old Smokey were established in 1923 and are based in Houston, if you are looking for a solid built smoker from a reputable US company then look no further.

Camp Chef 18in Smoke Vault [Top Rated Budget Propane Smoker]

We’ve taken a look at chargrill and electric smokers but what about budget propane gas smokers.

Our pick for the best propane smoker at a competitive price is the Camp Chef Smoke Vault.

Compared to other propane grills at the same price, it gets higher consumer ratings and at 100 less that your 300 budget allows for you to buy a few accessories to make your backyard cook out go with a swing.

Oh and the cool looking bank vault design is a nice feature as well!

Camp Chef Smoke Vault Video


☑ Adjustable Racks

☑ USA Made

☑ Sturdily built of heavy gauge metal

☑ Easily assembled in less than 30 minutes

☑ Great for making jerky

☑ Ideal for backyard or camper use



🙁 Difficult to maintain low cooking temperatures [under 200]

🙁 Some customers received damaged products but Camp Chef replaced them straight away.

🙁 The easiest smokers to use are electric but if you want more hands on temperature control and portability then propane is the way to go….

There’s not much wrong with this smoker a good sized family smoker that produces excellent results and works fine without any real modifications.

Customer service is exceptional.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced propane smoker then this would be our pick.

Smokehouse Products Big Chief Front Load Smoker [Best Smoker Under $150]

smokehouse big chiefThis is another electric smoker that is well within your price point and it gets some great reviews online. Users seem to really like this smoker for cooking fish [though it is fine for meat as well].

They also mentioned that they much preferred it over the top loader version of the Big Chief.

This is a good entry level smoker for those who are interesting in smoking fish or meat but want to try out a low-cost model first


☑ Plenty of racks

☑ Front Loader makes it easier to use

☑ Great for smoking fish


🙁 Some consumers reported damaged products due to poor packaging when shipped

🙁 Doesn’t reach high heats

If you are smoking smaller items such as fish or sausages or making jerky we recommend this smoker but if you are cooking larger cuts such as pork butts or whole turkeys then we suggest you look at our other recommendations.

Our Final Verdict on Smokers under $300

The smokers listed above are fine for providing delicious smoked food for families or small groups of people. If you are looking to provide for big parties of people then you will need to look at larger more expensive models.

You will need to decide if you would prefer an electric, propane or charcoal. Electric is the easiest to use, propane is the most portable while charcoal gives the most flavor and is for those who really like to be hands on with their cooking.

If you are a newbie to the joys of home smoked foods or on a budget then paying under $300 for a smoker should easily get you a smoker that will meet your needs.