Backyard Tiki Bar Ideas

Would you like to add a nice exotic touch to your backyard? If so, then I recommend a Tiki Bar because of the tropical feel they have. That’s right, in the past, you had to go to a restaurant to be in one of these bars, but now, you can bring one to your own backyard. Some are under the impression that it’s not a true tiki bar unless it’s on the beach, but that isn’t necessarily true. There are tiki themed bars throughout the world and some of them are hundreds of miles away from the beach. It is common to find a company that specializes in bamboo bars and then usually contain a nice umbrella for that tiki theme. The décor you can add in the tiki bar varies, depending on what you like. During my research on tiki bar décor, and accessories, I discovered a lot and I would like to share my knowledge with you so that you can set up the ultimate bar in your own backyard.

The Must Have Elements in a Tiki Bar

When you walk inside of a tiki bar, even if it’s in your own backyard, it should feel as if you have walked into a whole new world – a world where you can escape and get away from the troubles of life. In this section, I’m going to introduce you to the elements that you should have in your backyard tiki setting …

Water Features

No tiki bar setting is going to be complete without some form of water features. You could have a neat little waterfall put into your bar, or maybe even a small water pond. Whatever you do, I recommend having the sound of water splashing somewhere in there. I have friends that added an aquarium with tropical fish in their backyard tiki bar and I thought that was a good idea.


The architecture is obviously important. Since you want this to look like a tiki bar, you need to make it tropical, maybe surround it with some bamboo. The trick is to isolate the tiki bar from the urban scene and bring the tropics to your backyard – so aim for tropical architecture. Some tiki bars can be entered by crossing a neat little bridge.

The Lighting

The lighting of tiki bars are dim with a nice amber glow to it. They have illuminated colored glass and shaded lamps. It would be a good idea to run a string of lights along the top of your bar – this can add a nice exotic glow.

Rattan and Bamboo Furniture

Rattan and bamboo furniture are a must have in every tiki hut.

Tiki Poles that have Been Carved

Unless you have a tiki god watching over your tiki hut, it’s not truly a tiki bar. Every tiki bar needs to have a tiki god – just remember that. The word “tiki” comes to us from ancient Polynesia where the Rapa Nui people carved human figures in wood between 1250-1500 on Easter Island – those carved heads were responsible for watching over the drinkers. Isn’t that an interesting fact? Now you know why tiki bars always have those neat little carved statues in them.


Oh yes, we cannot skip past the music! You could easily install a nice sound system in your tiki bar. There’s just something about music that can really amp up the mood – just make sure you play tiki themed music. The music you play can range from music that consists of native drums and even the Beach Boys. I personally like the idea of having the sound of thunderstorms playing over the speakers.

Ideas for Your Backyard Tiki

Bar Cart

When you’re not able to install a built-in bar, you can always go for a bar cart. If you have a small area, there’s nothing wrong with bar carts – in fact, some of them can be quite stylish. The carts can be portable, so when you’re not using them, you can push them to the side.

Sofa Table

I heard of someone taking their sofa table and repurposing and I thought it was a great idea. The tall rectangular tables that are on the tall side are great for repurposing, and you could easily find one in a thrift store. The sofa tables are available in a variety of sizes, so if you’re expecting to have a large crowd, you could go for a big one, but if you have a small crowd, a small table would be just fine.

Mounting Shelves

I like the idea of mounting shelves in a tiki setting. Then, you could place neat little statues and even outdoor lanterns on the shelves. You could make it so that your guests can set their drinks on the shelves.

A Drink Cooler

You can easily find portable drink coolers that you can use to keep the drinks cool. Drink coolers are great if you’re serving canned or bottled drinks.

Tips for Creating a Backyard Tiki Bar

As long as you have a backyard, you will be able to create your own tiki bar. Like I said earlier, you can easily create your own tiki bar. In fact, I had a lot of fun decorating my own bar, and when it comes time to design and decorate yours, don’t hold back on creating your own colorful paradise.

Pick Your Spot

When you think of a tiki bar, you probably start picturing torches set up on a sandy beach, but like I said in the beginning, you don’t need a sandy beach. All you need is an empty corner in your own yard. Before all else, just make sure you have an empty spot set to the side for your bar and when you’re buying furniture and decoration for the tiki bar, make sure you keep the size of that spot in mind.

The Bar

Of course, you’ll need to have the bar itself. If you’re great with the hammer and love building things, you can make your own bar at home. You can easily look online and find step-by-step guides that will walk you through the building process. However, if you’re looking to speed things up, you can buy a pre-made bar like this wood one would be perfect.

The Decorations

In your bar, you’ve got to have some fun and colorful decorations, or it’s not going to be complete. I personally believe raffia garlands are a must have – this is something that you can easily buy online. Take a look at this Raffia fringe – it would be great to put around a table. Seriously, the more raffia you have, the better your bar is going to look. You can easily place them throughout your setting with tacks or a glue gun (glue guns always seem to come in handy). You can also pick out garlands that are made of shells and tropical flowers – those make great decorations. Also, placing potted plants and miniature palm trees throughout the tiki area will make for a tropical atmosphere. Speaking in palm trees, I discovered this palm tree that is 5 feet tall while looking for tiki hut ideas for my own tiki hut and must say, it looks amazing.

Lightshare 5FT Palm Tree, 56LED Lights, Decoration For Home, Party, Christmas, Nativity, Pool

The Seating

The seating should be comfortable. Adjustable lounge chairs would be great, and if you’re really looking to add some extra flair to the area, you can install some hammocks. You can also set up a little area where there’s large cushions and soft blankets, making for a comfortable looking nook.

Add a Personal Touch

Your tiki bar needs to have a personal touch, so come up with a unique name for your backyard bar and have a sign made for it.

Items to Include in Your Backyard Tiki Setting

While doing some research for my own unique tiki setting, I found some pretty cool items that you may like to include in your own backyard setting.

Design Toscano Pau Hana Hawaiian Tiki Totem Statue

This is a neat little totem statue. When I first came across it, it screamed “I belong in your tiki bar” and the fact that it’s from Design Toscano makes it even better. This little guy is made of real stone that has been crushed up and bonded with a top of the line resin and to make it even more unique, it is hand-painted.
This statue weighs 9 pounds and it is 9 inches in width, stands 20 inches tall and is 9 inches in diameter, so it’s not bad at all and would go great in a tropical setting.

Design Toscano Pau Hana Hawaiian Tiki Totem Statue

Vintage String Lights

No tiki setting is complete without a string of lights. These particular lights come to us from Brightech Pro Ambience and they are perfect for every outdoor setting. When you turn the lights on, they help create a great atmosphere that will allow you to sit back and relax during the evening hours.
These vintage lights offer a nostalgic glow that many of us love and I like how they’re weatherproof, so I don’t have to worry about hanging them up outside. I actually have a set of these outside wrapping around the top part of my tiki setting and I must say, they do a wonderful job.

Thatch Umbrella

If you don’t have an umbrella in your tiki bar, then it’s not truly complete. In this case, I found a thatch umbrella and everything about it just screams “tiki bar.” Mind you, this isn’t your average thatch umbrella, this one is strong and durable – it has a diameter of 6.5’, so it’s not small. The pole and ribs are heavy duty and most of all, the canopy isn’t going to fade away. For better air release, the canopy is vented. When the sun is beaming, this umbrella can easily be adjusted in order to block the sun.

The Grand Tiki Statue

Here’s another statue that I just can’t look away from and yes, it’s also from Design Toscano – this company is well known for offering unique items. It can be used as a table in your tiki setting as it is capable of holding your drinks and snacks. Of course, using it with a stool isn’t recommended, but you can put it next to a lounge chair and use it as a stylish side table. Each one of these statues are unique because they have been hand-finished.

Design Toscano The Grande Tiki God Kanaloa Teeth Side Table Statue, 20 Inch, Polyresin, Woodtone

Outdoor Rattan Bar Set

In your tiki setting, you cannot forget about furniture. This particular bar set is made out of wicker material, which will definitely add a unique look. The set includes two stools, 2 cushions and one shelf table. The shelf in the middle offers enough room to store food and drinks and the top is smooth, making it convenient to place your glasses.
If you have a small tiki bar, then I recommend this set because this bar set will help save space due to the storage space it offers. Some people have had issues with wicker sets falling apart, but this isn’t the case with this one – this set is heavy duty as it is constructed out of a powder-coated steel frame, so it should be able to last for many years to come.

Personalized Sign

Here’s a good idea for you – hang a personalized sign in your tiki bar! This will add a nice personalized touch to it. I thought of this idea, and set out to find someone that could customize a sign for me and that is when I discovered this one on Amazon – it’s a nice 3D carved sign that really stands out from the crowd. The 3D images and lettering are created by using a two tone stain finish.

The size of this sign is 23”x 9.25” by 0.75”. On the back of the sign, there’s a saw-tooth hanger, which makes it easy to hang it on the wall.

This sign can be customized with your information on it. If you choose to place your order, make sure you leave your information clearly because that is what will be on the sign.

ADVPRO wpa0134 Name Personalized Tiki Bar Mask Beer Wood Engraved Wooden Sign - Standard 23" x 9.25"

Large Customized Sign

Here’s another large customized sign that would look great in your tiki setting. The words “Tiki Bar” cannot be changed, but you can have your phrase or name carved into this sign. From there, it will be hand painted and stained. This sign measures 22 x 8 inches, so it’s pretty big.

There are able to put in almost any personalization that is reasonable, but there is a maximum of 20-22 characters for obvious reasons.


When it comes to creating your own tiki bar in your backyard, the sky is the limit. As long as you include the essentials, like the garland, some statues and color, you will have your own unique tiki bar that you can invite your friends and family to, or just go out and rewind each night.